A ‘riedeltje’ by the artist (2022)


Phrases of Chopin by the artist (2021)

From: waltzes 1, 7, 11, 9, 13, 12, 2

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Cover book Upal Hasan

Cover of book with Poems by the Bengali poet and artist Upal Hasan. First Published : August 2019 by Dyu Publication, Bangladesh. Cover designed on the basis of Wall print ZWC3 (rotated 90 degrees clockwise).

Amsterdam canal building with art work
Amsterdam canal buildings with FC5

Dubai tower with dutch design print
Dubai tower with print ZWC1 and ZWC4

wallFort wall with artillery – print FC1 till FC4 and GG1 till GG4

Black grey white prints on white wallMoratorium fallen knights – print ZWG1 till ZWG3


Modern, mystical impression of four Lotus Robots.

lotusrobot in gallery

FC39 carefully attached to gallerywall