About the artist
Lotusrobot completed the MTS graphical school, gymnasium school and a BSc philosophy with a minor in art history at the University of Amsterdam.

Under the name Cor Knecht he published three volumes of poetry in the series Seismogram edited by Dr. Ad den Besten. ‘Ode aan dit donker’ is one of them, and still available at AntiqBook. His poems have appeared in various magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium. May the unfinished be disregarded.

About the work

The sculptures are made of square and rectangular plexiglass disks. Every sculpture is unique. A limited edition of eight prints are made from each sculpture.

Style: rational expressionism
Method: mathematical constructivism

Designs are inspired by traditional Asian art, especially this puzzle game:


(The famous but unknown “Chiangmai Labyrinth”, a fabulous brainteaser. Goal is to get red square through bottom opening. Click on image to see solution.)

Keywords: Dutch design, minimalistic, experimental, innovative, unconventional and with a sense of humor, form generator